Dr Hulda Clark And Hulda Clark Zapper Healing Frequencies

Dr Hulda Clark is famous for her discovery of the use of frequency zapping to kill parasites, moulds, worms and many other pathogens that are believed to be the main cause of diseases like cancer for example.  Dr Hulda Clark was able to cure thousands of people of severe illness and or disease simply by discovering the real cause of the underlying problem that was the catalyst of the formation of an illness or disease.  Once Dr Clark found the identity of the underlying disease cause, she would find the energetic frequency of the culprit and she would then use her zapper at the same frequency to kill the cause of the problem.

Dr Hulda Clark Zapper

Dr Hulda Clark created her version of a zapper called the Hulda Clark Zapper and originally this was the only zapper because she made it purposely for her health practices.  Since then, there have been many zappers made and put on the market that claim to be a Dr Clark zapper and if not even better than Dr Clark’s version or zapper.

There are many zappers on the market today and many of them work well and some don’t work at all.  Most of the zappers on the market are expensive compared to the original zapper that Dr Clark made for herself.  The biggest problem with the use of zappers today, is that the people that use them don’t have the experience that Dr Clark had.  So many times when they try to use a common zapper, that they find of the market, they tend to use it in the wrong way, not knowing or having the knowledge of how to deal with illness in disease and use the zapper in the process of healing.

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 Hit And Miss Zappers

Dr Hulda Clark’s zapper, the original, was a successful zapper because Dr Clark knew and was highly experienced at picking up the right frequencies, pinpointing the cause and zapping it in the right way.  Many of the zappers on the market today are very hit and miss because people simply don’t target the right frequencies and this leads to a person not getting the benefits that they need from zapping.

The next problem with zapping is that, as Dr Hudla Clark mentions in her book “the cure for all diseases” is that zapping can’t get to some areas of the body, which means that most people that are using zappers may or may not be zapping in the areas of their body where the main cause is.  This means that again zapping can be hit or miss if it isn’t done right.

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How To Improve Health Results Using The Dr Hudla Clark Healing Strategy

Dr Clark was brilliant in that she was able to discover and treat so many people successfully with the process that she discovered.  However without having the amount of experience as Dr Clark and having to invest in expensive frequency zapper equipment, how can we get the same excellent results that Dr Clark got without wondering if we are getting it right and we are able to be sure that we are zapping the whole body.  As Dr Clark mentioned in her book she was unable to use her zapper to access parts of the body that contained some pathogens.

Taking Dr Hudla Clark’s excellent strategy and looking at it in a different way can make the process much more successful and you can be sure to get the zapping frequencies to all parts of the body.  Dr Clark’s formula for success can be dramatically improved by removing the three biggest problems.

  • The first of the biggest problems is finding the right frequencies to kill the pathogen.  The best way to deal with that problem is by including all the known frequencies at the same time when zapping.
  • The second of the biggest problem is being able to zap the entire body.  The way to ensure this is to use the one thing that does go to all areas of the body, which is fluid.
  • And the last of the biggest problems is that you need expensive zapping equipment.  This can be overcome by not using the equipment to do the zapping to begin with.

The Answer Is To Put Dr Hulda Clark Frequency Medicine In A Bottle

The best way to solve the biggest problems of using Dr Clarks healing methods as mentioned above is to use it, but use it in a different way to achieve better results in a shorter amount of time.  This is why you should seriously consider frequency medicine is a liquid.

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